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“Cheesecake” out of pecans

Yep, you heard right! Probably for those who are vegan this has been around a long time, but for me it’s a first! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the recipe. I had pecans on hand so had to try it. I love cheesecake but know it’s just a heavy non-nutritious dessert. Um, that would go for most desserts except fruit. 😜


And again my new Blendtec came in super handy. I’m pretty sure it would not have turned out right if I had used a regular blender. Got the recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie including the super easy graham cracker crust recipe from there. Next I need to make my own graham crackers!!! Too many recipes, too little time 😐 I made her No Bake Oreo Cookie Pie also and that’s great if you like Oreos. I forgot to freeze it to set so I served it as a blob on a plate and didn’t want to take any pictures of that!


But I made this one right and it actually looks like cheesecake!!!!! Sorry for my horrible pictures. I almost forgot to take a pic. It was about to all be eaten up!


Crockpot Lasagna

Amazingly this is the first time I’ve made lasagna! Actually, the second time. I tried the recipe last week and didn’t take any pictures. Tonight we had some hungry college guys for dinner so did a repeat. I always heard it tastes good but takes so much time and I love Costco lasagnas so why spend so much time making it? Well, I had bought some lasagna noodles on sale and needed to use them so that got me started. But had to find a shortcut if there was one. Of course! The crockpot! And voila, a tasty lasagna full of nutrients without having to fiddle with the noodles first.


After going through several recipes and reviews I went with recipe from Taste of Home and adjusting some. Some mentioned cottage cheese didn’t do ricotta justice so I went with ricotta. Should try cottage cheese sometime though. And I heard key is a flavorful sauce so cheese mixture doesn’t have to make up for the flavor. Made a gluten free, no cheese one for friends who are allergic and it tasted pretty good. I enjoyed using my Blentec and turning all the veggies into a puree that made the sauce flavorful and disguised all the nutrients so the kiddos couldn’t pick anything out. :mrgreen:

Crockpot Lasagna

1 1/2 pounds ground beef
1 large onion
2 eggplant
1 zucchini
2 tomatoes
1 jar favorite spaghetti sauce
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dried oregano
1 package (8 ounces) no-cook lasagna noodles
4 cups shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
1-1/2 cups Ricotta cheese
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Cook beef. Drain fat. Use high powered blender and blend veggies into a puree. Add puree and spaghetti sauce to meat and simmer on low for 15 min.

In crockpot pour enough meat sauce to cover bottom. Layer with uncooked noodles. Layer with a third of cheese mixture. Layer with meat sauce. Repeat. Layer with uncooked noodles. Layer with remaining cheese mixture and cover.

Cook on low for no more than 3 hours or you will have very soggy noodles.


Healthier Banana Bread


Wow! I never posted a banana bread recipe? Well, instead of constantly searching the web every time I want to make some I’d better just post this recipe I just used tonight. Found this one from Ambitious Kitchen and it’s pretty healthy so why not. If I find a better one I’ll let you know. And you can adjust accordingly to make it gluten free. Satisfying after dinner healthy treat or quick breakfast on the go. Add some flax seed and/or nuts to fill you up more. Enjoy!


Adapted from Ambitious Kitchen

I used a concoction of oat and rice flour and nonfat Greek yogurt instead of applesauce.

Tasty little Mediterranean place

I’m a So Cal girl but rarely explore L.A. but an opportunity arose when my husband’s cousin flew in from Korea the other night.  Where else would we take her but Griffith Observatory for a spectacular view of L.A.


It was an out of the ordinary overcast day with the usual haze. See downtown on the right? But a great day for touring without the great of the sun beating on us. But it was still bright!

For lunch I searched for something nearby and boy, did we enjoy ourselves! She came to experience America and we gave her some Mediterranean.  Well, this IS L.A. and America in L.A. is, well, a mix of everything.


It was a great place just off Vermont between Los Feliz and Hollywood.
Give it a try!



Korean Spicy Cucumber Salad Banchan

Here’s my final post for today. I actually couldn’t find what I wanted on Maangchi so had to go searching somewhere else. I wanted the quick version. Oh, my American microwave mentality. Gotta have everything quick. Well, at least I’m using fresh ingredients!


I got this recipe from Jeanette’s Healthy Living.

2 cucumbers (I prefer Persian ones)
2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp or more red pepper flakes
1 tsp rice vinegar
1 tsp toasted sesame seeds
1 Tbsp minced garlic
1 tsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp sugar

And once again the lazy version. Slice cucumbers. Mix with all ingredients. Tastes better if chilled
before serving.

Now you have side dishes to go with your Korean BBQ. 🙂

Coconut Sorbet

I wanted to make a dessert for a good friend and his boys who have many food allergies. I knew his favorite was coconut sorbet and since I just happened to discover my mom’s ice cream maker sitting unused in their garage as we were helping to reorganize it was the time to try it. It didn’t take too long to find a recipe that was easy and it turned out a little too delicious. Please remember it is coconut milk, gluten and dairy free, but not fat free!

Did you know a coconut has a soft spot? My mom discovered it since we like to drink coconut water from the coconut so much. She would shave it down as much as possible before cutting into it and found it. Before we would just strike it quick and hard with a butchers knife to get through but you might catch your fingers too! This is probably how monkeys can drink the water before they completely break it up to get the meat. If it was all too soft it would break too easily and they wouldn’t get water. Wonderfully made by God!


I got the recipe from The Hungry Mouse. It only takes 3 ingredients! And as The Hungry Mouse recommends make sure to buy coconut milk without all the extra additives (Thai Kitchen brand) and don’t go with lowfat. If you’re going to enjoy coconut sorbet go all the way! And one of these days I may try making it from real coconuts…

The recipe called for way too much sugar for my taste. You can always add more before you throw it in the ice cream maker. Here’s recipe with my adjustment:

3 cans (13 oz) coconut milk
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract

With 3 cans you’ll have to definitely throw in freezer to harden or you’ll have more shake than sorbet. If you’d like to eat right away go with 2 cans and 1/3 cup sugar.

Throw everything in a blender and blend until bubbly. Then put in ice cream maker according to instructions. Pour into freezer safe container with plastic wrap on top and freeze until consistency you desire.

You will more than enjoy!!!

If you love Me…

I was reminded of John 14:15 today as my daughter kept saying “I love you, mommy” every time she did something wrong. I said if you love me then you will do what I ask you to. Light bulb! The Lord said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” The Lord shined on me! “What about you?” He asked. You say you love Me, but do you keep My commandments?