Korean Spicy Udon Soup (Jjampong)

Last week my daughter and I went food shopping and they were giving out samples of instant black bean noodles. It tasted pretty good and my daughter pleaded for me to get some. I gave in and said this time but we’re not buying those all the time. The next day I needed to put together a quick lunch and was glad I had bought the instant noodles. My husband enjoyed them and my daughter did too of course. She wanted to eat it again for the next meal too! So I realized I’d better just learn how to make it and use fresh noodles. It turned out not bad but I didn’t have the exact black bean paste I needed for it. So I didn’t take any pictures and I’ll have to post about it the next time I make it now that I do have the black bean paste that I need.

As I was purchasing noodles for that particular dish I decided to get some fresh udon noodles also. So the next meal I searched what to make with those noodles and found out you use them for a spicy Korean seafood dish. My husband loves anything with noodles AND seafood so I thought I’d give it a shot. And it turned out pretty good! Simple too! Just time consuming to chop the veggies. And the next time I make it I need to add WAY more veggies even though I thought I added plenty. Sure enough they all shrunk and half a pot became a sixth of a pot of veggies. My husband asked for a green juice shot after that since we didn’t have many greens with all my experimenting with different dishes the past couple of days. Sorry I’m so bad at the presentations of my final product…



Went to my favorite website for Korean dishes…Maangchi! Recipe is here. It’s pretty detailed so I will not include it here.

I used chicken stock that I made since I wanted to make a spicy and non spicy version. I will have to try one with the mushroom and kelp stock at a later date.



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