Nature Park


Had to get an oil change and oil rotation so went to Allen Tire Company. In the past I would get tires at Costco because they are cheaper but to get them changed and to go back for tire rotations takes at least a couple of hours if not a few each time. Before having a child that was ok but I don’t have that kind of time anymore. So Allen Tire works well for me. Prices aren’t too bad, you can get in and out in an hour or so, there’s a Starbucks across the street, a little playground nearby, the bathroom is spic and span (what? yes, clean!), and the manager is trustworthy.

I didn’t feel like sitting at Starbucks, my daughter was not with me so was going to take a walk while I waited. Jesse, the manager, recommended I check out a park quarter mile away. It was very nice. So now another plus for using Allen Tire in Lake Forest! Or a nice park to have lunch at after a playdate at Pump It Up Lake Forest which is just across the street.

Good tree for climbing


Short little nature hike


Benches along path to enjoy the seclusion


A little of nature


Grass area for playing and tables for picnicking



One thought on “Nature Park

  1. Jesse

    You’ll be happy to know that tire prices @ Allen Tire Company are lower than costco…so fear not-come foward and be re-tired, and get the Best Service Anywhere.


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