The Recipe for a Normal Christian Life

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Have you ever wondered as a Christian what it is to have a normal Christian life? Some may think it is always to be victorious but many of us have experienced that if that is a normal Christian life then I might as well give up because I can never live up to that. Well, I have a recipe for you! And, it’s VERY healthy for you! Especially to have a healthy Christian life! It’s from a book I’ve been reading called The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. Now isn’t that a fitting title?

To have a normal Christian life we need several things. First, we have to know the blood of Christ and it’s value in the eyes of God to be forgiven of our sins. Second, we need to know the cross of Christ so we can be delivered from our nature of sin and realize we have been transferred into Christ. Then we need to realize the conditions of the normal Christian life which are four fold: knowing, reckoning, presenting ourselves to God, and walking in the spirit. Now why are these steps necessary? We must see the end God has in view and know God’s eternal purpose. This is the motive and goal of our walk with Him and our being filled with the Holy Spirit supplies us the power to bring us to that goal. Yet, we are not those living a normal Christian life alone. We are members in the Body of Christ and only the Body of Christ can fulfill God’s eternal purpose. And the more we walk this normal Christian life the more we waste ourselves upon Him. To us it is not a waste but normal. And the Christian life becomes as normal as our daily routine of waking up, brushing our teeth, eating, working, going to school, and going to bed. We just live it without struggling and we are victorious not because we did it but because we allowed the One who is in us to be the one living. Try out the recipe!

Normal Christian Life Recipe

  • the blood of Christ
  • the cross of Christ
  • know
  • reckon
  • present ourselves to God
  • walk in the spirit
  • know God’s eternal purpose
  • be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • know the Body of Christ
  • bear the cross
  • waste our self on Him

What I have posted here hardly conveys what is in the book. Pick up your copy at a bookstore or it’s also being made available for free at a non-profit. Click on the picture below to get it!

Normal Christian Life - Cover Art


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