International Space Station

Tonight the International Space Station could be seen where I live with the naked eye since it was reflecting the sunlight. It’s the first time I saw it since I didn’t even know before this week that we could even see it. It’s pretty amazing!

I had a friend take the pictures for me since I’m such an amateur and knew I probably wouldn’t catch anything. Glad I did because I didn’t get any pictures but he did! Thank you A.M.!

Just thinking that man can put something like that in space and that there are 6 astronauts living up there is just crazy! The space station itself testifies of an ingenious creator or actually creators. It shows how several people thought it up and many more carried it out. I’m not a scientist so I can’t even imagine all the details it took to create, plan, build and get a hunk of metal up into space! What man can come up with and do also proves that we did not just evolve from some kind of animal. We were created by Someone who is much more knowledgeable. Actually He is all knowing! And this one, God, created this vast universe and it will take eternity to discover what God has made. And though we may search up there for higher life I have come to realize that the higher life, that is, God Himself, just wants to come to us and doesn’t need us to go looking for Him. He came to us as the man named Jesus Christ, died on the cross for our sins and became the life-giving Spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45b) to enter into us! Wow! The God who made this awesome universe desires to come into us finite beings! Wonderful! The great universe God created does not satisfy Him but His entering into man makes Him so happy! Are you genuinely happy? Or is something missing? Are you trying to search for something out there in the universe that will make your life full of meaning? Try saying “O Lord Jesus, if You are real come INTO me!” And check out this video!








Here are some websites with some helpful info: Look Up Tonight and NASA


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