Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Goi Cuon)


I think I have not made these for over 5 years. I’ve eaten them but haven’t made them. Not sure why since they are not that difficult to make. Well, since I just had them at my mothers and there was still some ingredients left I decided to make them for some college students we were having over. Actually, I prepared the ingredients and they had to roll it themselves. It’s more fun that way anyways!


So you just need some bean sprouts, shrimp, pork or chicken, mint (optional), vermicelli (not pictured) and finely chopped lettuce (not pictured). Oh, and the rice paper!Image

Put the shrimp first if you want to see it through the roll, if not just throw everything in there making sure the rice paper doesn’t tear and enjoy!!!




For quick and simple dipping sauce just use equal parts hoisin sauce and peanut butter and a little water and cook over low heat in a sauce pan. Add more of what you want to your taste. Add more water if you don’t want sauce to be so thick. Happy rolling!



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