Kettle Corn


I love kettle corn! How can I not? They are sweet! I always had to grab a bag of kettle corn when I had the opportunity to in the past since they were not available as they are today. You would run into those people making it right there on the spot. Yum! But one day I thought, “can I make it at home?” Where would we be without the internet? Sure enough you can! And it’s so easy! So I rarely buy it now since I can make it for a fraction of the cost and control the amount of oil that goes into making it. Enjoy!

Kettle Corn Recipe

One suggestion that I found useful from searching around is to throw in 3 kernels of corn with the oil so when they all pop you know the oil is hot enough to pour in the kernels and sugar. After you throw in everything, put a lid on and shake it begin to raise it above and away from the heat. Raise it higher as the kernels pop faster so you don’t burn them. Remember to keep shaking so no kernels stay in the same place. If kernels are not popping lower pan to heat. Everything should pop in a few minutes if not kernels may be old.


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