Clean AND white stovetop

I dread cleaning my stove top! If only I’d clean after every time I cooked, but who has time? You have to wait for it to cool down, bathe your child, brush their teeth, read them books then go back to wipe up the table, do the dishes AND clean the stove top? Sorry, not me. If I can get the dishes done AND wipe the table, not bad. Not bad at all! So, now you know why I dread cleaning it. Oh yes, I let gunk just BUILD up! In the past I would try different cleaning agents that all said it’d do the job but to my disappointment I would wait for their “magic” to work and then end up scrubbing and scrubbing to the point that I thought I scrubbed off the original finish! BUT, there was still gunk that didn’t come off! Ugh! Double ugh! Not only did it not work but I was inhaling I don’t know what and trying not to get the stuff on me. So, onto the internet I went to search for something natural. Of course, what else would I find but good ole baking soda and vinegar!

Half the gunk since I already cleaned the other side…


Good ole baking soda and vinegar for the nice fizzle effect. Waited a minute.


A little over 5 minutes and 3 paper towels later (for one side). Voila! Well, besides the black on the left that will never come off now because it has been cooked on or did I scrape off the finish previously? I’ll just let it be.


Whoa! I didn’t even use a sponge! The wonders of baking soda and vinegar! Cheap. Effective. Safe. Now why buy expensive, toxic cleaners?


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