Hardwood floor!

Can you tell from the Guitars post how dirty our carpet looked? It is finally no more! Over the weekend my husband with the help of my brother and a friend tore up the gross, extremely dirty and spotted carpet and put in a bamboo hardwood floor! Yay!!

Carpet is gone!


Cushioning and waterproof layer down…


My daughter had to jump in on the action. She wanted to help daddy do it! The best help was to keep her out of the house!


Half way there…


Was too busy watching my daughter and our friend’s son so didn’t get another picture until it was all done and the furniture was put back! What do you all think? Now I don’t have to worry about stains but scratches! Well, already got some. Isn’t that life? Hmmm…thinking about how we remodeled our living room with the floor reminds of Titus 3:5 “Not out of works in righteousness which we did but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit.” The washing of regeneration and the matter of renewing is like a reconditioning, remaking, remodeling of our inward being! Because of sin our being is just filthy like that old carpet of mine. Unfortunately for my carpet it could not be washed or renewed back to its original clean condition. However, we can be washed and renewed, reconditioned, remade and remodeled. God did not throw us out! Thank God! And we can get this washing as we read God’s word and allow it to renew our mind. Great news! Wow, what will we look like?




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