Peanut Butter Blossoms


So I was headed to a Christian Students club welcome dinner tonight and was asked to bring dessert for 20 with a special request that I make peanut butter blossoms. So that’s what my daughter and I were up to this afternoon. Before that she and I went to join the club to pass out invitations to the dinner. She was nervous but at the same time thrilled when someone accepted her invitation. I’ve been realizing lately that the best way to spend my time is to tell others about the God I love so dearly! So when I can I go out on the colleges near me to do so. It’s so satisfying!





This recipe I found online uses butter instead of shortening. That’s great because I’d rather use butter than shortening although oil and applesauce are my preferred liquid. You can find the recipe here. Of course, I cut the sugar by almost half. Other than that I did as the recipe indicated. Oh, and I had some Hershey Kisses that were milk chocolate with raspberry white creme so I just used those and the tops got a little burnt…


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