Dates – the fruit, that is



Do you know what these are? Remember that I’m still in the desert. Dates! They’re all covered up to keep the pests away and that’s how they look as they are being grown for us to eat. Sweet! Literally that is. Dates are sweet. So, of course I have to blog about it!


Interestingly enough the mecca of dates in this country is in the Coachella valley with its high temperatures, low humidity and minimal rainfall. They grow in such an intense environment. We stopped by Oasis Date Gardens to pick some up and to have their delicious date shake that you can’t get at your local fast food joint.



Smooth, creamy and full of bits of dates. Delicious! I also picked up 10 lbs of dates! Will I just eat them one by one? Yes and no. I’m going to bake with them! I’ll use the natural sweetness and cut down sugar in a cookie or bread or something. Stay tuned!


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