Dino Fun

I went with my daughter to a city class called Dino Fun today. She was so excited that she was having a class! She said she was “going to school!” She was excited that it was about dinosaurs because one of her favorite shows is Dinosaur Train. Most of the time consisted of making different things and although the teacher tried to throw in some educational facts about dinosaurs and the time periods they lived in my daughter was too occupied with the excitement of being in “school” and doing her activity that she didn’t hear any of it. At least, I don’t think she did. But then again… She did mention, however, why all we did was just crafts and there were no books, books being read that is, but the teacher did read one book – while they were doing their last craft… She can’t wait for the next class! Her eyes lit up when the teacher said next week they have a cooking class and hope they will be back. I’ll pass on that one and take her the following week. It’s titled Messy Play. We’ll be dressed for the mess!

Making a fossil…

Made a Pterodactyl and flew it too!

Made a picture of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Period all on one page…


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